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According to the research by Dreby & Atkins (2011) despite the distance between parents and children in transnational families, the relationship between the the two is meaningful. However, such distance do give rise to strains and stressful among family members. The authors took child-centred approach in their research for exploring the impact on children due to their migrati1on of different family members. The researcher collected unique data set i.e. 421 drawings of children belonging to such families.

International migration in which involving just the parents and not the children signiticantly impacts the lives of children. However, little research had been previously been carried out determining this impact. Some researchers did previously evaluate the impact of migration on adult family members, but there is dearth of research on studying such an impact on children. Therefore, Dreby & Atkins (2014) conducted the research specifically study the impact on children.

They found that transnational families continue to stick despite the physical distance between family members. As such, they also continue sustain meaningful relationship with each other. Pribilsky (2007) in hiS research also found that members of transnational families stick despite the physical distance between them. They maintain their relationship by talking to each other regularly on phone i.e. they continue being regular communication with each other which enable them to remain in a committed relationship even when they are physically apart from each other (Wilding, 2006; Baldassar, et al. 2007). Levitt & Jaworsky (2007) had suggested Conducting research on different dimensions of transnational families to understand the family dynamics in such families.